Baptism, Private

Baptism, Private
   The proper place for the administration of Holy Baptism is in the church, and the Church warns her people "that without great and reasonable cause and necessity, they procure not their children to be baptized at home in their houses." But when need shall compel them so to do, she provides for the emergency by the service entitled, "The Ministration of Private Baptism of Children in Houses," as set forth in the Prayer Book. In this office no provision is made for Sponsors. The child is to be brought afterwards into the Church to the intent that the congregation may be certified of the true Form of Baptism privately before used. Then it is publicly received and the Sponsors answer for the child and become responsible for its Christian training, publicly before the congregation.

American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia. — New York, Thomas Whittaker. . 1901.

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